Life in Pregnancy time

Well, there is no excuse for not having written anything since last summer. I plead guilty. However, most women will agree that pregnancy will have that effect on you. Unfortunately, those days when women could sit back in their velvet sofas, chain smoke, sip whiskey, and chase those with martinis while pregnant and give birth to a perfectly healthy baby are over... Nowadays, you can't even drink coffee! People will give you those looks they give to convicts if you even think of drinking caffeinated tea! So for nine whole months, it's been nothing but herbal tea and caffeine free Diet Coke for me... A sad, sad existence, indeed, but such is reality in the 21st century... Not only did I have to refrain from all hazardous substances, but I had to remain fit so that I could drown my sorrows in gallons and gallons of ice cream and sordid amounts of pizza... Here in Alaska, it is NOT cool to be overweight. If you are overweight, it means you are NOT helping out with chores, such as chopping wood, shovelling snow, or hunting for moose. Therefore, it was paramount that I remain lithe and graceful at all times, even when pregnant. I am proud to say that I only gained 25 pounds throughout the entire pregnancy and lost it all within a week after the birth.

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