One-eyed Kid

That brings me to the title of my post. Who is one-eyed Kid? That is what I should nickname my six-month old baby. Her name is Sej and once in a while, she'll give me this one-eyed look. I know every mother thinks her child is the smartest and the most beautiful on earth, but I think Sam is wise beyond his years. She'll give me those one-eyed looks and furrow his brows as if to say, "Mom, I may look like a cute little button to you, but I'm not stupid! Why do you talk to me in that baby talk?" Oh yeah, and Sej also has amazing taste in music! Whenever I play kiddie music, she falls right asleep. But whenever I play Johnny Cash's rendition of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" on his kiddie CD player, Sej is wide awake and his hairless eyebrows furrow, as if she were trying to make sense of the lyrics... 

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